Webinar: Efficient to municipal heat planning

You would like to have a master plan for municipal heat planning? Our Location Intelligence Portal can provide you as an energy...

On June 19, 2023

Topics: LIA, Energy sector, Sustainability

Geospin turns 7 years old!

Geospin turns 7 years old! πŸŽ‰ We celebrated the birthday together with pretzels and cake and are already looking forward to the...

On March 9, 2023

Topics: Location Intelligence, LIA

How to use LIA in a meaningful way

We are a young software company based in sunny Freiburg in Germany. Our areas of expertise are in the fields of data science,...

On February 6, 2023

Topics: Location Intelligence, LIA

Geospin supports the Freiburger Essenstreff

At Christmas time, it is a need for many to be merciful and to do something good for someone else. It is the cold and dark season...

On December 16, 2022


Atypical grid usage and individual grid charges

Due to the energy transition, there are fundamental changes in the power grid. The share of renewable energies is to increase...

On November 17, 2022

Topics: Cities and municipalities

Our Toolkit – Part 4: Spatial Analysis

Today's article on Spatial Analysis concludes our blog series on our toolkit.

On September 20, 2022

Topics: Location Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for optimal charging locations - expansion of the public charging infrastructure using the example of enwag GmbH

enwag energie- und wassergesellschaft mbh is the energy service company in Wetzlar and the surrounding areas. As an energy...

On August 30, 2022

Topics: Location Intelligence

Our Toolkit – Part 3: Spatial Filter

Following the first two posts in this blog series, we would like to introduce you to another tool from our toolbox: the Spatial...

On August 24, 2022

Topics: Location Intelligence

Our Toolkit – Part 2: Location Assessment

The next important tool in our toolbox is site assessment. Why is site evaluation so important? And what factors play a role in...

On August 9, 2022

Topics: Location Intelligence

Our Toolkit – Part 1: Spatial Services

As announced, we will devote the following articles to our toolbox. In this article, we look at the tools of Spatial Services....

On July 21, 2022

Topics: Location Intelligence