Location Intelligence? LIA? Is not Google Maps all I need?

"Where can I get a crispy Brezel? And what's the quickest way to get my after-work beer? Where is the local townhall or the...

On March 3, 2021

Topics: Machine Learning, Location Intelligence, LIA, data-driven decision, spatial data

Bronze medal for Geospin at the Handelsblatt Zukunftspreis 2020

"Partnerships for Success“ was the motto of the 'Handelsblatt Stadtwerke Zukunftspreis‘ in 2020, which honored strategies and...

On January 26, 2021

Topics: Event, Handelsblatt, Bronze medal

Nomination for the Handelsblatt Zukunftspreis

At the beginning of the year, Thüga AG and we applied for the Handelsblatt Zukunftspreis with the customer finder for new...

On December 17, 2020

Topics: Event

Geospin at the digital future days

The digital future days of Thüga SmartService took place on 26 and 27 November. The focus was on how municipal utilities can...

On December 16, 2020

Topics: Event

Christmas elves on the road


On December 15, 2020

Topics: Sonstiges