Atypical grid usage and individual grid charges

Due to the energy transition, there are fundamental changes in the power grid. The share of renewable energies is to increase...

On November 17, 2022

Topics: Cities and municipalities

Broadband expansion: fast and cost-efficient with location intelligence

The leading municipal expansion have insisted on nationwide broadband deployment for a long time. We explain how Geospin can help...

On May 31, 2021

Topics: Location Intelligence, Cities and municipalities

Smart Mobility: With traffic forecasts to a more efficient traffic flow

Tomorrow's mobility: sustainable traffic concepts, low-emission mobility and climate protection are setting the agenda for the...

On April 8, 2021

Topics: Location Intelligence, Cities and municipalities

Webinar: Complex decisions made easy

Where are charging stations needed? Which neighborhoods are in need of redevelopment? How can I promote climate protection and...

On March 23, 2021

Topics: Cities and municipalities