We are the champions!

We are incredibly happy to be among the chosen winners of the KI-Champions BW competition. Niklas Goby and Christoph Gebele were...

On July 19, 2022

Topics: LIA

Location Intelligence Toolkit

As a location intelligence software company, we deal with spatial analysis on a daily basis. Analyses of local conditions are...

On July 7, 2022

Topics: Location Intelligence

Deep Fake Geography: a new challenge

Those of you who, like us, are involved with artificial intelligence and geographic information systems may be familiar with...

On January 20, 2022

Topics: Location Intelligence, Data Science

Municipal heat planning

Climate protection is on everyone's mind and one of the most important, if not the most important issue of our time. A central...

On December 2, 2021

Topics: LIA

Exclusive Black Friday offer

Benefit as a newsletter subscriber on Black Friday!

On November 12, 2021

Topics: LIA, geodata

Investments in real estate are booming: but how do you find the perfect location?

When evaluating the location of a property, the question arises as to which criteria it should fulfill. Is a location in the city...

On November 2, 2021

Topics: LIA, Real Estate

Upload function: Optimizing bureaucratic supply chains in the healthcare sector

iuvas, a supplier of medical devices based in Freiburg, uses our Location Intelligence Portal to analyze the geographic...

On October 20, 2021

Topics: customer story

Rental price prediction as a classical use of machine learning

Forecasting the value development of real estate and thus also the rental and purchase prices is a very complex topic. It is both...

On September 23, 2021

Topics: Machine Learning, LIA, Real Estate

LIA in a new look: fresh design, optimized usability

We proudly present our portal in a new look: fresh design, optimized usability - the same functionality you are used to. Join us...

On August 12, 2021

Topics: LIA

5 years of Geospin - from the idea to the start-up to the established company

Geospin turned 5 years old in March, but because of lockdown we had to forego a joint celebration. All the more we were happy to...

On July 29, 2021

Topics: Event, LIA

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