Geospin supports the Freiburger Essenstreff

At Christmas time, it is a need for many to be merciful and to do something good for someone else. It is the cold and dark season and for the people on the streets as well as for the people who are alone at home during this time, a warm and sociable place should be open. Energy prices are rising more and more and money is getting tight for many until the end of the month. Especially now the actual heat energy, as well as heat given by others through charity, is important.

This year we want to help again locally and have become aware of the Essenstreff e.V..  Everyone is allowed to be a human being there, gets food served at the table and can laugh and cry with his table neighbors, no matter what the private background is. Anyone who stops by, helps behind the counter and as a server, and talks to the people present can learn many interesting and exciting life stories. One quickly realizes that very few people are "to blame" for their situation.

This year we are donating during the winter time to give the organization the means to distribute food at a reduced price or to provide utensils for the people who need it and to give warmth. 


We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas season and a relaxing end of the year!

Your Geospin Team

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